Telling our Story

With all that goes on with the farm, why do I take the time to write? 

I write because if I don’t tell our story someone else will. And that someone else may not be able to tell our story well.  Like a message gets garbled in a game of telephone, so too does our story if we let others tell it. Our farm is the result of complex decisions driven  by our education, personal experience, guidance of mentors, and serendipity. A single snapshot only tells part of the story and I hope that this blog can provide context for how and why we farm.  

I write because our costumers deserve to know where their food comes from. As you put your Cabot cheese or sour cream or butter into your cart, you deserve to have peace of mind. You deserve to have a glimpse into the life of the farmers and the cows behind the products and to feel comfortable in the knowledge that the farmers did everything in their power to ensure that the cows had a good, comfortable, and enjoyable life.

I write because less than 2% of the population is actively involved in producing food and the average American is three generations removed from the farm. Farming isn’t the bucolic existence that is so easy to imagine after a day of apple picking. Farming is a combination of difficult decisions, hard physical labor, and love. With so few involved in agriculture, it becomes increasingly more important to shine a light on the farming so that the 98% of the population who depend on us can understand what we do.


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Background image: Carolina testing the theory that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence