When Progress Looks Like Poop

Poop. We aren’t supposed to talk about it in polite company or at the dinner table. It isn’t to be bragged about or analyzed in too much detail. But if we are being honest, farmers deal with a lot of poop. The first piece of equipment we bought was a manure spreader. Our first barn chore each day is to clean the barn and spread the poop. We have even attended conferences about poop.

When we built our first barn we didn’t think too much about manure handling because the bulk on manure is stored in our composted bedded pack, but we have been struggling with the sheer volume of manure that the cows leave in the scrape alley.

Our new barn project offered the opportunity to fix our daily poop struggle. The single most expensive part of our project and the part we spent the most time designing was our manure push off. Our manure push off allows us a safe, easy, and clean place to push the manure into the spreader. Once the manure is in the spreader, we are able to spread it on our field, returning important nutrients and organic matter to the soil.

The first spreader is loaded and ready to come out of the pit!

The first spreader is loaded and ready to come out of the pit!

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Background image: Carolina testing the theory that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence