Egg-Delivery Chicken

Every now and then one of our chickens earns herself a name. Most recently, Egg-Delivery Chicken introduced herself to us.

Throughout the summer, we would find an occasional hen in our mudroom. The girls seemed to enjoy the reprieve from the elements and found a basket in which to lay their eggs. When we moved the hens undercover in preparation for winter, we didn't expect to find more eggs in our mudroom. Yet, almost everyday we found one tucked into the basket. Egg-Delivery Chicken was sneaky. She would come up from the barn during chores, so we rarely caught her. As the season progressed and December turned into a snowy January and January turned into a frigid February, she kept surprising us with her daily delivery. 

Even on the coldest days where the wind stings your eyes, causing tears that then freeze on your cheeks, Egg-Delivery Chicken would make her delivery. About a week ago, the drifts got too deep and we worried that Egg-Delivery Chicken might lose her way. We worried about her through the night, but were pleasantly surprised to find her that morning laying an egg. Later that afternoon, we found her still quietly tucked into a corner of our mudroom unwilling to brave the cold to go back to her friends. To help her deal with the terrible cold, we brought her some macaroni and cheese mashed up with some warm water and carrots. Egg-Delivery must have liked our cooking because she has decided to stay and in exchange for a little of whatever we are eating for lunch, she leaves us an egg by the door each day. 

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Background image: Carolina testing the theory that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence