Power Outage

Electricity is crucial to the proper functioning of a farm, and last night we lost power. The power outage wasn’t totally unexpected. We watched the storm come up the valley and saw the flashes of lightening hit the ground just a heartbeat before the thunder roared. With our well just about dry, the storm was a welcome relief.

The moon finally peeked through the clouds and illuminated our evening. 

The moon finally peeked through the clouds and illuminated our evening. 

It wasn’t until after the storm had passed that we lost power. I puzzled at the kitchen fan slowing to a stop and Chris wondered why the vacuum pump shut off. It took us a few minutes to realize we were without power. Our contingency plan for a power outage is solid and the generator was quickly in position and  waiting for a tractor hook-up. Chris jumped in the Ford and turned the key. Click. The battery was just about dead. Someone had left the key on. Chris moved to the White, jumped in and turned the key. Not even a click. The battery was completely dead. That same someone who left the key on in the Ford had left in on in the White because she didn’t know you had to turn the key off. (That someone is really hoping she won’t be asked to drive a tractor again). After a jump start from the skidsteer, the Ford was hooked up and ready to go and the farm was brought back to life. Our cows got milked and we were able to chill our milk to a food safe temperature.

We regained power at 2:36 am so we headed outside to switch the farm back onto the grid and fell  back asleep to the steady hum of our bulk tank compressor. 

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Background image: Carolina testing the theory that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence