Great weather for chasing heifers

The first summer Chris and I were together we went on a small hike through a fen with my mom. The weather started off damp and misty and eventually turned rainy. We were all soaked by the end. I loved the hike. The unique plant community that thrives in fens captivates me, but Chris grumbled throughout “this is great weather for chasing heifers.”

 Fast forward five summers and I totally get it. If it's sunny, mid-seventies, and there is a slight breeze, the cows won’t touch the fence. If its 34 degrees and raining, the cows will book it down the road. As farmers, we are outside in all the weather. We catch the sunrise and sunset and all of the sun/rain/snow/wind/humidity in between. We can’t take snow days or vacation days or put off chores because of the heat, so when we do venture outside for leisure, it had better not be heifer chasing weather.

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Background image: Carolina testing the theory that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence