You know you're a pregnant farmer when...

  1. You close your coveralls with safety pins because you can’t get the zipper around your expanding belly
  2. Upon finding you are pregnant, you are immediately added to the cow gestation calendar
  3. You mourn the day you no longer fit through the man door and have to actually open the gate
  4. You stash the milker towels on top of your belly during chores
  5. Your doctor has to be flexible in her rules. While you shouldn’t run too hard, if all the cows get out, you do what you need to.
  6. Your due date is talked about in relations to the cows due close to you. (Hey Guinevere!)
  7. Your husband will relate everything back to the cows during appointments. You will want to disappear when he says “That light-up speculum would be great for breeding goats”
  8. You routinely ask your vet for advice
  9. You count the seconds until you can getback into the barn

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Background image: Carolina testing the theory that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence