Week 2

Welcome to the second week! The cool, wet weather has finally given way to some heat and our veggies are growing like crazy!  We still have plenty of pea shoots this week and we will also have larger radishes, spinach, sconions (scallions that got oversized and behave more like onions), garlic scapes, and red romain lettuce. The beets and broccoli are looking promising for next week. New for this week, we will be offering eggs from our neighbors, the Hofmeyers --they live just around the corner from us, have girls just a little bit older than ours, and do an outstanding job with their chickens. We still have plenty of cheddar in our fridge and our freezer is loaded with beef. Pork and chicken should be available by the end of June. 

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Week 1

Welcome to the first week! We are so excited to start CSA pick up for the season and welcome new and old faces to our farm. The cool and wet weather we have had this year has been a unique challenge as we just haven't gotten the growing degree days that our crops need. The good news is that our peas are absolutely loving the weather and we have an abundance of pea shoots for you this week. We will also have baby spinach, green onions, radishes, and beet greens available as well. There is plenty of eggs and cheese available in the CSA fridge and the freezer is stocked with beef. We expect that pork and chicken will be available by the end of June. 

For more information, read our weekly update here.

Welcome to the 2017 season

Introduction to our CSA
We wanted to take the chance to welcome you and introduce you to the CSA. We are so excited that you chose to join us this season and can't wait to welcome you to our farm. The season is off to a good start. The tomatoes, peppers and eggplant are thriving and we have plenty of summer squash, cucumbers, potatoes, sweet corn, beans, and other goodness that will go in the ground once the threat of frost is passed (it feels funny to write that sentence when it is 88* outside). The early crops of greens, beats, radishes, broccoli, peas, and spinach are looking bountiful. Our first pick up will be the week of June 4 and I will send out an e-mail by June 3 with what you can expect in your first basket. 

We will be sending out a weekly e-mail with the contents of your share. If you see a vegetable in the weekly share that you love, please let us know as we will do our best to add extras to your basket. We really can't wait to show you around the farm and share all the wonderful experiences that summer on a farm has to offer. 

I also wanted to take the opportunity to remind you that we are a working farm. Large trucks back into our driveway nearly daily and Chris can often be found driving the tractor or the skidsteer. Please be cautious of moving vehicles when picking up your share and please always park out of the way of the farm road.  If you are picking up with small children, please be sure to keep an eye on them...

Click for more: http://mailchi.mp/28f06e1359b6/csa-information

CSA Week 13

Hey Everyone!

In exciting news, we had a bull calf born last week! I found Guinevere as she was just finishing up giving birth and in the time it took me to drive back to the barn change Hannah, post a video of the new calf to Facebook, and drive Chris to her Guinevere managed to hide her calf. Hannah and I spent the better part of last week looking for Mr. Baby G with no luck and finally gave up hope of finding him on Thursday evening. Well, Friday morning Chris got up extra early and went to the top field to observe the cows and he found the calf. Guinevere had hidden him in the woods. Mr. Baby G is now living happily in the parlor and has been renamed Garlic, (Gary for short). He's quite the little dude. 

This week we have zucchini, summer squash, peppers, hot peppers, kohlrabi, swiss chard, onions, the very last of the broccoli, and the beginning of some winter squash. 

If you're picking up on Sunday, please try for between 10-noon. Chris will be mowing hay, so if any of you would like to see how that works on our farm, Hannah and I would be happy to walk with you up to the top of the hill. 

CSA Week 11

More of the same this week, although we are low on cucumbers.The rain this past Thursday helped tremendously, but we are still low on water, so please make sure to wash your veggies extra well. CSApick-up is tomorrow from 10-noon. We will be going out for a birthday brunch for my Grandpa at 12:30 in Caz, so prompt pick-up would be super appreciated. If you're running late, we will leave baskets of veggies on the front porch. 

The Fall vegetables are coming in like crazy. Get your Butternut, Spaghetti Squash, Hubbard, and Delicata recipes ready because there is an insane amount of squash out there! Seriously, I stopped counting when I got to 148!

We got 9 new cows on Friday morning, so milking has been...interesting...These girls were from an awesome young family in Augusta and had lived in a tie-stall most of their lives. We have spent the last 24 hours teaching the new cows how to do fun things like graze, walk through the parlor, and not tear down the electric fence. 

Barn construction is starting Tuesday at noon, so start expecting to see some real changes

CSA Week 10

This week looks a lot like last week. We have Summer squash, Zucchini, Cucumbers, Kohlrabi, Broccoli, Swiss chard, Corn, Peppers, Hot Peppers, Lemon Cucumbers, Tomatoes, and Onions. We should start seeing baby greens reappear in the baskets sometime in the next two or three weeks. 

If you are coming to pick up your basket this Sunday, you will probably meet our super awesome friends (Geoff and Rachael) from Alaska. They just finished their cross-country drive and will be joining us for lunch tomorrow. Otherwise, things on the farm have been pretty quiet this week. We have been using this time before third cutting to catch up on projects and focus on building. The floor of the manure pit was poured yesterday and we should have the barn sites ready for building by the middle of next week.

CSA Week 9

Lots of big changes of the farm this week! We poured the retaining wall on Friday and the forms will come down on Monday!! Site prep for the new barns is basically finished and the buildings should start going up at the beginning of next week. 

This week we have cucumbers, summer squash, zucchini, broccoli, swiss chard, patty pan squash, onions, peppers, and hot peppers. 

A special note: please watch out to Danube as you enter and exit the driveway. She has gotten really strong. Today she took her calf hutch for a walk all the way up to the cow pasture at the top of the hill during milking. She came back down -- calf hutch in tow -- and went through the parlor with it. Chris had me stand on the hutch while he went to find something to anchor it with and she took for a ride up the driveway. Her hutch is currently anchored next to the driveway, so please don't hit her with your car.

CSA Week 8

This week we have broccoli, green peppers, beans, summer squash, cucumbers, and possibly sweet corn! Perogie had her calf on Wednesday morning. It's a beautiful bull calf and we are thinking about possibly keeping him as a clean up bull. We will have to check his conformation as he grows.

Hannah and I just got back from a leadship conference for our milk cooperative and had a great time. It was inspiring to be surrounded by 100 other young farmers (<40) all doing something similar to what we are doing. I got a great book of farm photos that I will have out during pickup in case anyone wants to take a look.

CSA Week 7

Happy Friday!

This week we will have bell peppers (1 green pepper per share), cucumbers, summer squash, zucchini, beans, the last of the lettuce (until fall), and tomatoes! We also have eggs and meat available.

We are excited to announce that we will be beginning construction tomorrow!! Please be doubly careful when you pick up your veggies the rest of this season as there will be an assortment of excavators, bulldozers, construction workers, and building materials around. All of our farm equipment will remained parked on our front lawn until construction is complete, so please watch your step when picking up veggies. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the new barns, so ask away!

In other exciting news, it looks like Perogie is getting ready to have her first calf! She is my first calf, so this calf is going to be especially special (and a little bittersweet since we still really miss Poland).

CSA Week 5

This has been a week for the books. Chris is feeling a bit better and has hit the ground running on every project all at once. In preparation for our barn project, we got an excavator in. 16 hours later our farm looks pretty different. We have a lot of big decisions coming up regarding barn placement, future plans, and one really expensive retaining wall and welcome any and all input.

We have more lettuce this week, the first of the tomatoes, the first of the yellow squash, beets, scallions, swiss chard, and radishes. We also have black raspberries. This season has definitely been a mixed bag. The peas and broccoli didn't tolerate the weird weather well, so I pulled them and will replant for the fall. Late blight is looming on the horizon. While it could totally pass us by, it is much more likely that it will cut short our tomatoe season. Cucumbers should hopefully be ready by the middle of next week.

As a public service announcement, I would like to remind everyone that grease fires should be put out by smothering. If you can't get a lid over the fire, throw tons and tons of baking soda or salt on it.  And when in doubt, google....Google has some pretty stellar directions.

CSA Week 3

It has been a nice week on the farm. The days are stunningly long, the animals are happy, and we are between busy periods. Chris and I toured a number of robotic dairies in the Finger Lakes on Thursday and came home rejuvenated and with some cool ideas to apply to our operation. While we won't be adding robots anytime soon, it is always good to get out and talk to other farmers.

Chill had her calf this morning! Chessie (Chesapeake) is doing great and drank a whole quart of colostrum this evening. If you will be picking up and would like to meet her, we can take you out the barn.

This week's shares will be similar to last week's but with way more quantity. The strawberries are coming to a surprisingly quick end, but should hold on through the week. 

Sunday people: Tomorrow is Father's day. If you could reply to this e-mail with when you expect to be here to pick up your share, I would appreciate it. I am doing chores for Chris in the morning (this will be the first time he has slept in since July 2013) and then we will be going to Suzi's for breakfast. We expect to be home by noon. Pick-up can be any time after noon. 

Wednesday people: I will be dropping off at about the same time as last week. Wednesday is Hannah's last day at daycare, so I may be running a tiny bit behind, but you can expect me no later than 8:15. 

CSA week 2

That was quite the storm we got last night! Overall we received just over 2.75" of rain -- more than 2" came down in a 90 minute period. We lost a couple of cucumber plants and the strawberries and peppers are looking a little rough, but overall we had minimal damage. Our driveway culvert was not able to hand the flow of water, so if you are picking up your share tomorrow please be careful entering and exiting the driveway. 

Good news! We found chickens. Our neighbor had more eggs than he knew what to do with and was looking to downsize his flock. We are going to be adopting some of his birds and we will have eggs. Our neighbor has been farming his whole life and has taken really care of these birds, so we are excited to get them. We will be building them the most epic coop in order to keep them safe from the fox. 

So shares!! This week will be pretty similar to last week's with Spinach, Radishes, and Lettuce. There will definitely be more of each item this week than there was last week. The Broccoli Raab may be ready for Wednesday people, but it definitely will not be ready tomorrow. The vegetables are really coming along. We have our first baby tomatoes and peppers on the plants and the broccoli are beginning to form heads.  

SUNDAY PICK-UPS: We will be around the farm for pick-up most of the day tomorrow, but if you could please stop by anytime between 10 and noon that would be fantastic.

WEDNESDAY DELIVERIES: I am aiming to start deliveries around 7:30 p.m. again this Wednesday.If you would like meat or eggs delivered, please let me know quantity and cut. Please let me know if the timing doesn't work for you and we will figure something else out. 

If you're on Facebook check out our facebook page! In honor of June Dairy Month we are introducing our cows and it had been a lot of fun to share their shenanigans with everyone. 

CSA Week 1

We are super excited for the start of another season! Your first CSA pick-up will be Sunday. Please plan on picking up your share between 10am and noon. We will introduce you to the calves, orient you to the farm, and provide you with some delicious veggies. For this first week, expect a lot of greens, some radishes, beets, and maybe an extra surprise or two.

We also have ground beef and a variety of steaks and roasts available for purchase. If you are interested in meat you can select some from our freezer. 

A fox decimated our flock of chickens last week, so we are a little low on eggs. We should be able to provide a limited number of eggs for our members. We will not have any meat birds until the middle of July. I am sorry for the inconvenience (and really sad about our chickens). 

The First Day of Spring

Well, the first day of spring is here. While it isn't quite the weather we had hoped for, the days are appreciably longer and the temperatures are a lot warmer than they were a few weeks ago. The colder than usual weather has meant that the snow has melted slowly, so we have avoided flooding problems in and around the barn. 

We can't wait for the snow to be gone. According to my planting schedule, our first batch of peas should have gone into the garden this past weekend; however, the garden is still under about a foot of snow. We decided to start the peas inside so as not to slow down the start of season. 

The Garden Begins

We are starting the first of our seeds this weekend. While we seed most of our vegetables directly into the garden, for early season and slower maturing plants, it is crucial that we give them a little bit of a head start by growing them inside before setting them out into the garden. 

This weekend, we are starting the first of our tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. Next weekend, we will start our cabbages, broccoli, kohlrabi, and broccoli rabe. 




Spring is coming soon

With a high of -4 tomorrow and over a foot and a half of snow, it is hard to believe that spring will ever come. Yet now is the time to finish seed orders and finalize summer plans. 

We hope you will join us as we plan our garden, start our seeds, plant our vegetables, and harvest our crops.

New Moon Farm 5533 Stockbridge Falls Road Munnsville, NY 13409 (315)495-6504 newmoondairyfarms@gmail.com

Background image: Carolina testing the theory that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence