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CSA Week 11

Sarah FickenComment

More of the same this week, although we are low on cucumbers.The rain this past Thursday helped tremendously, but we are still low on water, so please make sure to wash your veggies extra well. CSApick-up is tomorrow from 10-noon. We will be going out for a birthday brunch for my Grandpa at 12:30 in Caz, so prompt pick-up would be super appreciated. If you're running late, we will leave baskets of veggies on the front porch. 

The Fall vegetables are coming in like crazy. Get your Butternut, Spaghetti Squash, Hubbard, and Delicata recipes ready because there is an insane amount of squash out there! Seriously, I stopped counting when I got to 148!

We got 9 new cows on Friday morning, so milking has been...interesting...These girls were from an awesome young family in Augusta and had lived in a tie-stall most of their lives. We have spent the last 24 hours teaching the new cows how to do fun things like graze, walk through the parlor, and not tear down the electric fence. 

Barn construction is starting Tuesday at noon, so start expecting to see some real changes