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CSA week 2

Sarah FickenComment

That was quite the storm we got last night! Overall we received just over 2.75" of rain -- more than 2" came down in a 90 minute period. We lost a couple of cucumber plants and the strawberries and peppers are looking a little rough, but overall we had minimal damage. Our driveway culvert was not able to hand the flow of water, so if you are picking up your share tomorrow please be careful entering and exiting the driveway. 

Good news! We found chickens. Our neighbor had more eggs than he knew what to do with and was looking to downsize his flock. We are going to be adopting some of his birds and we will have eggs. Our neighbor has been farming his whole life and has taken really care of these birds, so we are excited to get them. We will be building them the most epic coop in order to keep them safe from the fox. 

So shares!! This week will be pretty similar to last week's with Spinach, Radishes, and Lettuce. There will definitely be more of each item this week than there was last week. The Broccoli Raab may be ready for Wednesday people, but it definitely will not be ready tomorrow. The vegetables are really coming along. We have our first baby tomatoes and peppers on the plants and the broccoli are beginning to form heads.  

SUNDAY PICK-UPS: We will be around the farm for pick-up most of the day tomorrow, but if you could please stop by anytime between 10 and noon that would be fantastic.

WEDNESDAY DELIVERIES: I am aiming to start deliveries around 7:30 p.m. again this Wednesday.If you would like meat or eggs delivered, please let me know quantity and cut. Please let me know if the timing doesn't work for you and we will figure something else out. 

If you're on Facebook check out our facebook page! In honor of June Dairy Month we are introducing our cows and it had been a lot of fun to share their shenanigans with everyone.