Sarah FickenComment

CSA Week 3

Sarah FickenComment

It has been a nice week on the farm. The days are stunningly long, the animals are happy, and we are between busy periods. Chris and I toured a number of robotic dairies in the Finger Lakes on Thursday and came home rejuvenated and with some cool ideas to apply to our operation. While we won't be adding robots anytime soon, it is always good to get out and talk to other farmers.

Chill had her calf this morning! Chessie (Chesapeake) is doing great and drank a whole quart of colostrum this evening. If you will be picking up and would like to meet her, we can take you out the barn.

This week's shares will be similar to last week's but with way more quantity. The strawberries are coming to a surprisingly quick end, but should hold on through the week. 

Sunday people: Tomorrow is Father's day. If you could reply to this e-mail with when you expect to be here to pick up your share, I would appreciate it. I am doing chores for Chris in the morning (this will be the first time he has slept in since July 2013) and then we will be going to Suzi's for breakfast. We expect to be home by noon. Pick-up can be any time after noon. 

Wednesday people: I will be dropping off at about the same time as last week. Wednesday is Hannah's last day at daycare, so I may be running a tiny bit behind, but you can expect me no later than 8:15.